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03 OKT 2017 10:40
Congratulation to Clapham Ultimate (Open), Atletico (Women) and Grut (Mixed)!
  • Uppdaterad: 03 OKT 2017 10:41

The EUCF2017 featured 3 days of intence highly spirited games in the Italian sun of Caorle (Venice).

24 Open, 12 Women and 12 Mixed teams competed for the title of European Ultimate Club Champion 2017.

Congratulation to Clapham Ultimate (Open), Atletico (Women) and Grut (Mixed)!

The EUF asked the teams to do a Spirit Circle also before the game with the goal to have everybody commit in advance how to deal with each other during the game and, thanks to the contact you have during the circle, to reduce potential latent aggressivity some players might have. 

The numbers tell us that this approached worked very well and we experienced probably the best spirited EUCF ever. The Teams demonstrated that you can have close games (21% of the games on Saturday ended in universe point!!) with full respect of the rules and the Spirit of the Game values!

Congratulations to all participants for this great example!

The spirit award went to FWD>> (Open), Mantis & Crazy Dogs Women (Women) and Left Overs (Mixed)

All Results are under http://eucf2017.ultimatecentral.com/e/eucf-2017

Spirit Results: http://eucf2017.ultimatecentral.com/e/eucf-2017/standings

Skribent: Peter Lundmark
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