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WFDF styrelse

22 DEC 2014 08:07
Tomas Burvall omvald
  • Skapad: 22 DEC 2014 08:07

När val till WFDFs styrelse för 2015 omvaldes Tomas Burvall

Overall Committee Chair:  Tomas Burvall (SWE)
Burvall won the title as WFDF Overall World Champion in the 2013 WFDF World Overall Championships in Norrköping, Sweden, amassing five gold medals by also winning the title in the discipline of Discathon and in several masters division events. He has won eight gold medals in the Masters division since 2009 and was decorated with his first gold medal in Overall in 2007 in Ithaca, NY (USA) and in Self Caught Flight 1997 in Helsinki. Burvall also was the winner of 35 Overall medals in Sweden, 15 of which have been golds.

Övriga val och styrelsesammansättning

Skribent: Peter Lundmark
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